Social Media Networking

Everything that is related to social media and making connections within some form of community is social media networking. To be honest, we haven't come to a firm decision regarding what we'd like to do with this site.

Certainly social media, social media optimization, and social media marketing are powerful ways to harness the energy and growing momentum of this phenomenon.

As a professional Internet marketing company that offers SMO and SMM services, we're still in the decision-making process. We'll let you know. Of course, if you have an idea, let US know!

The Internet Paradox
The future is in the social nature of the Internet. If you haven't already heard of the Internet paradox, just be aware that the Internet is a social tool that also isolates and alienates people to a large degree. Think about how when you log off, you are simultaneously cutting yourself off from an entire network, a SOCIAL network of people.

Social + Networking + Media =  Business's Peaked Interest
Now, what happens when some form of media gets involved? Businesses move in! Just look at YouTube... it was an idea whose time had come. Google turned it into a 1.6 billion dollar corporate acquisition and now has plans to add increasingly more forms of advertising on its network.

There's lots more to say but for now I'm just content to have finally put something up on this domain! I've had it for a year and left it off my personal radar. I figured it was time to do something to remedy that situation.


- Brian,                            
October 11, 2007